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How to Clean a Dutch Oven

Is your beloved Le Creuset dutch oven stained from all the searing, browning, stewing and braising? Let’s bring the sparkling clean interior back with this super easy method! No overnight soaking, no boiling vinegar!

I know, I know. My Dutch oven looks horrific! Can you tell I’ve been braising stews and roasts all winter long?

And it brings such a satisfaction to finally clean it and bring that “naked” look back.

Luckily, it takes very little elbow grease and simple ingredients that you probably have on hand. And for the record, this’s not my everyday cleaning method. I usually thoroughly wash and clean my pot after every use with just a dish soap and sponge.

But every once in a while, I get stains build up over time. And do a deep clean like this maybe in once year or so.

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