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How to Build a Portable Slide-on Railing Bar Top / Counter

I have seen the portable railing buffet counter tops (goodness that is a mouthful! What would you call this?) floating around Pinterest for some time and I have been itchin’ to build one. I went out to buy wood and came back home empty handed because wood is expensive and I wanted to make sure that this project was a keeper before I invested money in some pretty boards. So this is my Beta project or my rough draft. Cheap wood, cheap paint and had a total cash outlay of $5. The cheap spray paint was $3 and a $2 package of screws, those two things were the only out of pocket expenses that I incurred to make this project.

portable slide on bar railing countertop

When we moved from Florida we lost the hardware to some Ikea shelves. Since they were not being used and looked about the perfect size, I grabbed three of them. I found 2 shelf supports that were leftover from a bathroom remodel that we had completed years ago. They were going to be holding up a towel shelf that was never made. I cut a piece of 1 by 2 to the same length as the boards and you will want to be sure to keep another piece of 1 by 2 on hand. The measurements above were just what my shelves happened to be but you can use any measurements that you want. Keep in mind, that 3 good sized boards will weigh more that what you probably think they will. This shelf is heavy to me at 31 inches across.

I spray painted the boards and then ran out of spray paint. I didn’t have time to get more spray paint before work and we have been getting a lot of rain so I continued with the project only half painted. I put the spray painted sides to the inside. I used a second piece of 1 by 2 at the bottom as a placeholder, while I secured everything. This made the process much easier. I used nails and screws to secure each of the boards to the one by two.

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