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How Can You Go Wrong With Cheesy Crock Pot Potatoes?

Aunt June was hosting a bridal shower for cousin Sue. She was the first one in our family to get married, and it was very exciting. Sue was kind of a quiet and shy person, so she didn’t really want a big crowd around her. She was happy with just a few of her closest friends and the family there. So, Aunt June decided her garage was going to be good enough for the event. We went over early in the day to help and decorate, and by the time we were done, it actually looked pretty nice in there.


Then, out came all the food. That’s what I was waiting for! There were tons of slow cooker options available to pick from, and like a bee to honey, I went right for the cheesy potatoes.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a version of the dish that I don’t like, but these were incredible! My aunt said she found the recipe on Julie’s Eats & Treats and that it was super easy to make.

We all enjoyed watching Sue open her gifts, and before I left, I had Aunt June write down that recipe for me. I wasn’t leaving empty-handed!

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