This is another fabulous version of the spinach/artichoke dip. However, I used sour cream instead of mayonnaise – much better! We use a bag of frozen spinach (rather than the boxes or fresh) and just squeeze it dry – the spinach quality is better. You can really add a little of whatever you’d like, and it is ALL good! I added chives to add some more green to it.

I also have added a few dashes of Frank’s hot sauce (which does not overwhelm the other flavors – just enchances them!). You can toss in bacon bits, chopped garlic, chopped red peppers (not green – ew!), etc. Be sure to really chop up the spinach and artichokes – no big chunks for this dip please. You could toss in regular onions too, but I think it is great without them. It does take a little longer to bake with the sour cream – and I use a 9×13 glass pan, so you can see the edges getting golden! I buttered the edges of the pan last tmie – OGM – the dip was gone in under two hours! This is a keeper, and has been a request since we first made it .

YUM!!!! (We use Ritz crackers,but this is good on Ritz, tortilla chips – almost anything!) If you have any left over, it is just as good warmed up in the microwave the next day. (I think we’ve had leftovers ONCE!) Rich, so you don’t want to eat it all the time, but if you want a great dip – go for the best! (No cartons of liquidly sour cream junk when this is so easy to make!)

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