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Ho Ho Cake

Inspired by the Hostess® favorite, the Ho Ho Cake features layers of cake and cream filling topped with chocolate.

I have made this recipe for years (but with a scratch cake). I also use the filling for almost every two layer cake I make. The key to this type of filling is that YOU MUST WHIP IT FOR 10 – 12 MINUTES.

I have been making this for years now. A few things. First I too use a good quality canned frosting (no it isnt a glaze as one person stated ) warmed until spreadable.

I figured out the cream filling! Here’s how I made this cake: I used Duncan Hines Devils Food cake mix baking it in a large cookie sheet. Cool and put in freezer for about 10 minutes. Cut in half put half on your cake plate.

everyone loved it. i thought there were too many steps and time consuming to cool. i liked the suggestion of another member to use canned frosting that has been slightly melted in microwave.

I added two tsp of pure vanilla to the cream part and it was excellent. Great compliments!

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