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Angel Pineapple Cake

When it comes to simple dessert recipes it doesn’t get much easier than this! Just three core ingredients are all you need for this Angel Pineapple Cake that comes together in a matter of minutes. One of my favorite things about it is that you can keep the ingredients on hand at all times. Cake mix and a can of pineapple? Shelf stable! And we’re the kind of household that always has at least one tub of cool whip in the back of the freezer! Voilá, a homemade treat at a moment’s notice.

While it is an incredibly simple recipe, there are a few tricks for getting prime results. First off, make sure to use a *large* mixing bowl. The batter will nearly double in size and you don’t want a mess on your hands! The second thing: don’t undercooking the cake. You want to make sure the center is fully done so it doesn’t fall. The best way to check this is with a few toothpick inserts, checking that they come out nice and clean.

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