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Crock-Pot Chicken Teriyaki

– Great tasting and just like what you get at a Chinese place. I added a little ginger powder and then took out chicken added a little corn starch to liquid then put chicken back in sauce. The cornstarch made it a bit thicker. You can add cornstarch to make it as thick as you want.

– This looked like a simple, good recipe so I made it. And yes, the sauce was thin. I added cornstarch directly into the slow cooker pot, stireed and cooked a few more minutes. I served it over thin, Asian noodles. It just seemed to be missing something. I decided crushed peanuts and green onions would be good toppings. I did not have the green onions, but I liked the crushed peanuts, it helped the dish in my opinion. I’d only make it again if I doctored it up a bit or add toppings. Maybe cook with chunks of onion?

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