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Here’s How Drinking Nothing But Water For 30 Days Affects Your Body

You might not consider this very often, but water equals life. Without it, everything on Earth, from the mightiest oak to the smallest patch of moss, from teeny gnats to gigantic killer whales, is dependent upon water to survive.

It’s so fundamental and everyday in fact, that you probably don’t remember to drink enough of it.

The simplest cocktail in the world (that’s two measures of hydrogen, one of oxygen by the way) is merely an afterthought in the diet of most people in the relatively affluent western world. With an abundance of alcoholic drinks, fruit juices and sodas available to most, a simple glass of water can seem fairly bland by comparison, despite its abundance.


But there are innumerable benefits to an all-water health regimen, and drinking nothing but water for a period of just 30 days could cleanse and reinvigorate your entire body in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible. Not only that, but a water diet is probably the cheapest option possible. To find out the advantages and disadvantages of an all-water regimen flick over to page two.

Drinking nothing but water for just 30 days can have a profound nutritional benefit on your health. Of course, your diet provides a significant portion of your fluids. On average, most food provides about 20 percent of your total water intake. For example, many fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon and spinach, are 90 percent water or more.

In addition to this, many beverages such as milk, juice or tea are composed mostly of water. Even beer, wine and caffeinated beverages — such as coffee, tea or soda — can contribute, but these should not be a major portion of your daily total fluid intake. If you want to stay healthy, drinking pure, clear water is still your best bet.


Your recommended water intake is around eight glasses per day. Drinking water helps decelerate the ageing process by keeping your skin adequately hydrated. Water can also strengthen your immune system by supporting the performance of your liver and kidneys. These organs eliminate harmful substances, such as salt and other toxins from your blood. Water can also strengthen your bones by rebuilding cartilage, the body’s shock absorber, allowing your joints to move more smoothly.


Not only this, but drinking nothing but water for a short time is a great way to lose weight. You might put on a few extra pounds initially if your body is retaining too much water, before adjusting to the higher intake consumption. Even so, acting as an appetite suppressant, water comes to the rescue. You’ll soon begin to consume fewer calories, lose weight, and keep it off, because the water flushes out your system, cleansing your body and reducing those hunger pangs.

Finally, a little extra water can also improve your body’s metabolic functions. Consuming a mere 16 ounces of water just after rising in the morning ups your metabolism by 24%, according to the Health Fitness Revolution. So there you have it; if you want to feel and look a little better this month, but can’t be bothered with all the hassle of a diet and exercise plan, consider just drinking that little bit more water instead. It can’t do any harm. Just don’t forget to have a beer every once in a while. After all, scientists have recently revealed that it’s damn good for you.

Source: Viralthread.com