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Hearty Roasted Tomato and White Bean Stew

Stews are a rich and hearty way to feed my family, and this veggie stew is going to make a huge hit. It’s full of flavor and made with really simple, fresh ingredients. Roasting veggies brings out so much natural flavor, and these tomatoes are a great example of how roasting can bring out a smoky sweetness in a humble vegetable. With the arrival of fall, I’m in search of any and every way to enjoy the season with fresh food and delicious flavors. This roasted tomato and white bean stew is just what I’m looking for (and the slice of crusty french bread on the side is helping me along the way!).

I love to snack on cherry tomatoes. I also love to roast them. Roasting tomatoes in the oven with olive oil and fresh thyme brings out a savory sweetness that adds richness to this delicious meal. The stew is vegetable-based, but that doesn’t mean it lacks substance, and that’s where the beans make their grand entrance. I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s no meat in the recipe so to give the soup some umph, I’m using the next best thing: beans. Cannellini beans are preferred because they offer a nice creaminess as well as substance, but any white bean will do the trick.

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