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Hawaiian Doughnuts – Malasadas

This was a great recipe–I hadn’t tried to make these for over 20 years and I’m glad I finally did! My husband loved them. We used to get them at Leonard’s Bakery in Hawaii but I think these are better! I guess I’ll be making them more often since we haven’t lived in Hawaii for over 30 years!

I made these and they were excellent. I read all of the reviews and used some of the tips posted. Most important is DO NOT expect this to be like bread dough; it will be very sticky and does not form into a ball easily. Only changes I made to recipe were to use RapidRise Yeast and I added an additional 1/4 cup sugar. I did not try rolling out the dough; I left it in the bowl and scooped up small teaspoonfuls and dropped them into my Fry Daddy; it worked great. I then filled a small brown paper bag with a cinnamon/sugar mixture and shook each one in the bag to cover. This makes ALOT of dough; I just kept it in the fridge and I got 3 days worth of malasadas out of it. Worth the effort!

These remind me of my youth in Honolulu. My mom used to make these all the time, but when we moved she lost it. Now thanks to the Internet, I am able to make these yummy donuts for my daughter; she just loves them!

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