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Grits and Greens Casserole

Bacon, butter, cream..where can you go wrong?? This creamy cheesey goodness is good anytime of the year but would make a great addtion to any holiday dinner.
-Debbie~my BF loves everything I cook, except grits. He is the easiest person to please than anyone I’ve known in my whole life. When it comes to grits…NO WAY! I still make them for me. I can eat them for any meal, so when I cookthem, I make enough for 4 servings, and have them for 3 meals, then they’re gone. I don’t even bug him to try them again…more for me! 🙂
– this is made in 9×13 baking dish so it’s usually made as a side . I have a family of 5 and we have plenty left over . So I would say 7-10 people easily if it is your only side dish.
-I cannot wait to make this tomorrow! I have a nice big bag of fresh collards from a neighbor’s garden and very good stone ground grits that I bought at a festival this past fall (a local company sells them they are amazing). So what a combination! Home grown collards and stone ground grits! I’ve never cooked collards before and am not very experienced with non-instant grits but this recipe makes me very confident I can do this one! (GA resident via Miami lol still learning a lot of the “southern” foods! Went from mastering black beans in Miami to mastering butter beans here in GA LOL!)

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