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Grilled Rib Eye Steak Sandwich

When we grill rib eyes we use big steaks and I only eat 1/2 of mine so I came up with this recipe for lunch the next day. It was so good I started grilling an extra steak just for leftover sandwichs the next day!
-as we don’t have some of these ingredients I will have to do some substitutes. black pepper mayo.. just add some cracked pepper to my mayo, and i also dont have the pepper rings, but i think i can add something else to make it just as scrumptious…. i to love leftover rib eye…
-A scali roll is a knotted type deli roll. The crust is just a bit chewy & inside is firm & full. The pepper rings ARE pickled, and located in most stores in either the deli or pickles shelf.
-Barbara, this looks so yummy. My boyfriend is a grillmaster and buys his beef from his best friend, who organically raises his cows. The meat packer custom cuts the cow for Ronnie; hence some huge steaks! I have to try this sandwich. We like everything on your ingredients list.
**Janet~thanks for the tip to make the rosemary garlic peppers rings!

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