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Great tips to remove burnt on food from stainless steel pots

Hey guys! I have a quick post for you today, but hopefully this will be a really helpful one.

Today we are talking about how to remove burnt on food from pots, cookie sheets, and other bakeware.  My culinary skills are not my strong point and I have been known to burn a thing or two in the past {darn multi-tasking!}. Unfortunately, I don’t actually have a true “before” picture of my pot as I was already half way through cleaning it when I realized that I had never blogged about this before, but you can still get the idea.  This was a flour and milk mixture that I was using for a soup that I totally forgot about and there was about a 1 cm layer of burned on mess completely covering the bottom.  Whoops!

The quickest and easiest way that I usually remove burned on messes, is by placing some vinegar in the bottom of the pot and then heating it over medium heat until the burnt food starts to come off.  It generally gets it pretty clean {and will then just easily scrub clean afterwards}; however, this was a particularly bad pot, and this is what it looked like afterwards.

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