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Fudge Bottom Banana Cream Pie

Layers of fudge, fresh bananas, and banana pudding make this Fudge Bottom Banana Cream Pie the best dessert to end any meal with.

The past few weeks we have been adjusting to a new area, schools, and house. Going from a small private school to a much larger public school was hard at first for our kids, but they have been troopers and learned the building, schedules, and school id’s in no time at all.

Kids really are resilient and can adjust to new things so much quicker than adults.

So far in the house we have painted kitchen cabinets and the ceiling and walls in the living, kitchen, and dining area. And by we painted, I really mean my hubby painted while I drank my Dark Chocolate Latte and pointed out spots that he missed. That’s the part of painting that I’m good at.

Just for the record, I did use the small roller and paint the wall color in the small spots. I was a little nervous about the yellow color we picked out, but now that it is all done with white trim and a few other places white, I really like it.

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