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Fried Cabbage And Kielbasa Skillet

This is one of those recipes that will remind you of how great simple, flavorful dinners can be, and that you don’t need crazy fancy ingredients to make a meal that everyone will love and remember. The stars of this dish are kielbasa – always a fave – and cabbage. Now, the cabbage might be a bit more of a surprising ingredient, seeing as unless it’s cabbage rolls or cole slaw, people aren’t really interested in it, but trust us: this stuff is good. The cabbage softens without losing all it’s crunch, and the other ingredients (garlic, onion, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and paprika) have a chance to blend together and make a great backdrop for the first two show-runners.

Now, while this isn’t necessarily something we’d cook if we’re having friends over (although it’s delicious so there’s no real reason not to), it makes for a perfect weeknight dinner when you want to get something tasty and healthy on the table, that won’t take too much time or effort to make. The kielbasa adds protein, the spices and sauces thrown in round out the flavor deliciously, and the cabbage adds robust texture to the mix. This stuff also makes for yummy leftovers, so you can have it for lunch the next day, hot or cold, and be totally satisfied and full until dinner. Don’t let it’s “simplicity” fool you, this is a great meal to get you through the week.

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