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French Silk Pie

My husband’s favorite pie. It’s super simple to make! Creamy, rich, and decadent, this is definitely a chocolate lover’s kind of pie! Please note though, that it does contain raw eggs. You can substitute pasteurized eggs if you wish. If not using pasteurized eggs please don’t serve this to pregnant women, babies, or anyone with a compromised immune system.
-Ok, I am a pretty good cook, but my extended family never ask for a “specialty” dish when we get together. Well, I made this recipe for Thanksgiving (along with my awesome apple pie) & it was the first dessert that was gone! A couple days later my sister, who is hosting Christmas Eve this year, “demanded” two French Silk pies.
Thanks for this great recipe, it will know be my “signature” dish.
P.S. My apple crumb pie also was a hit!
-Salmonella *can* live on and/or in raw eggs. Pasteurizing them makes them safe for raw consumption, as in this pie recipe. When I make this recipe I just use the very freshest eggs I can get my hands on. (My step daughter’s mother raises chickens, so I just get them from her.) If I’ll be serving this pie to a young child, a pregnant woman, or anyone elderly or with a compromised immune system I am sure to use pasteurized eggs.

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