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Floor Stenciling Makeover

From what I’ve researched, floor stenciling is a much cheaper and easier route to switch up floor tile vs removing and reinstalling. I was a little nervous to tackle this, but I decided to try my hand at it and am so excited to show you the results!!

floor stenciling makeover

Deep Clean

Start with a super clean slate. TSP is a great heavy duty cleaner for tile and helps remove all wax, dirt and grime. Add a couple TB to warm water and apply with a sponge. Once the floor was dry, I applied painters tape around the edges of the toilet and tub. We are replacing our baseboards, but if you are not be sure to tape off the walls too!

Apply Primer

When working with tile, you want to make sure you are using a BONDING PRIMER to start. This will give you a strong base to ensure your paint holds! I applied 2 coats.

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