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Faux Galvanized Hanging Planter

If there is one thing I love about the DIY world, it’s giving an ordinary, cheap item a makeover and making it look like I spent more money on it than I did. I love the look on the faces of family and friends when they see something at my house, and the shock and excitement we receive from them when they find out that Rob or I have created or flipped these pieces ourselves. This cheap, plastic tub/bucket was given to me with random goodies inside at Christmas and I repurposed it for Bo’s shoes before purchasing a nice basket for his room. This week I decided to give it a major makeover, and what was once an ordinary green plastic bucket is now an extraordinary planter hanging beautifully outside.

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Supplies: -plastic tub/bucket (as mentioned before, I had this on hand but I’ve seen similar ones at Dollar Tree) -primer spray paint -metallic spray paint (I was shooting for metallic copper but they didn’t have it at Home Depot so I grabbed the closest thing to it.) -plants/flowers -sisal rope *Optional: spray can attachment (I know I’ve mentioned this in previous posts but I love this little invention–it helps me spray the paint evenly and that definitely helps with my heavy hand!) ***NOTE: I apologize for the omission of my drainage holes photo. Please make sure to drill holes in the bottom of your tub/bucket before painting to create drainage for when you water your plants!

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