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Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the vital vitamins in the body, that plays a major role in the metabolism of body cells.
Here are some of its health benefits:
Helps Digestion
This vitamin supports the production of digestive enzymes, stimulates metabolism, and breaks down certain foods in the stomach. Moreover, it eliminates harmful bacteria from the digestive tract and keeps healthy gut bacteria.
Moreover, vitamin B12 prevents Candida overgrowth, digestive issues, and inflammatory bowel disease.
Prevents Anemia and Helps Make Erythrocytes
It helps the production of erythrocytes production and prevents megaloblastic anemia, which leads to weakness and chronic fatigue.
Strengthens the bones
It is especially beneficial in the case of osteoporosis and bone issues since it lowers homocysteine levels.
Prevents Stroke and Heart Disease
High homocysteine levels increase the risk of heart diseases, and this vitamin effectively lowers its levels, and thus reduces the risk of strokes and heart issues.

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