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Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies

Have you ever had a cookie so good it stopped you in your tracks? Well be prepared to taste what that’s like with this recipe, which was first created nearly 20 years ago in Paris by Pierre Hermé. The cookies were given their unusual name when a neighbor of culinary guru and cookbook author, Dorie Greenspan, remarked that if everyone could try these cookies there would be world peace at last.

The cookies get a nice, chewy consistency from the addition of brown sugar. Plus, the chocolate chunks add a gooey texture that few can resist. If you have any chocolate lovers in your inner circle then this might be just the treat for them.

This recipe was considered at the time of its creation to be a fusion between French and American baking traditions since brown sugar was not used in French cuisine much back then and adding sea salt to sweets was a French trend that had yet to gain traction worldwide. The original recipe used French fleur de sel, which was not a common ingredient in sweet treats until maybe 10 years ago. This was long before salted caramel ice cream and salted chocolate bars lined grocery store shelves.

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