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Creamy Green Onion Dip

Is there ever an occasion where dip isn’t a most-welcome addition? We feel there is not, and that dip is perfect for any time or place. You can have sweet dips, cheesy dips, crunchy dips and smooth dips; there are basically infinite flavor possibilities, which means that you can make a dip for any event (or for no occasion at all and just because you wanted a dip). In this particular instance, we were looking for something that was cool and refreshing, packed with tons of flavor and with a little, tangy bite to boot.
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What did we come up with, you ask? Creamy green onion dip. For any of you out there reading this and thinking, ew, green onions (or any onions) are gross, hang on a minute! Onions aren’t for everyone, but when combined with parsley, garlic and lemon juice, along with sour cream and, most importantly, cream cheese, you get some serious magic happening. Onions, parsley, garlic and lemon juice give us the super fresh flavor – be prepared for some garlic/onion breath going on – and then the sour cream and cream cheese cut it perfectly and give us the creaminess that is a requisite for any good dip.
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The other thing that’s so great about dips is the amount of satisfaction we get from them in comparison to the effort we’ve put into making them. Dips are like the easiest thing ever to make…and then they taste AMAZING. Hello, why wouldn’t we make dips all the time?? And this one is perfect for when you want something that doesn’t feel too heavy, so you can just keep going back for more. Trust us, you’ll try it and immediately be hooked.

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