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Easy Hanging Kitchen Towel Hack

The dish towels in my kitchen are always falling on the floor. It’s so annoying! I tried a simple and inexpensive hack to keep my kitchen towels hanging and off the floor. This hack is not only useful, it’s pretty, too!

easy hanging kitchen towel hack

I only needed some simple dish towels and pot holders (with their own loops) for my project.

I started out by folding the dish towel in thirds so it was about the same width as the pot holder. I then folded both the dish towel and pot holder in half (from top to bottom) to form a slight crease. This helped me to find the center of both. I pinned the centers of the pot holder and dish towel together, right sides together. (The pattern that I want to show on my dish towels faced up, while I put the good sides of the pot holders facing down.)

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I used my sewing machine to stitch across the width of each pot holder. (To secure a towel to a pot holder.) If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can easily hand stitch this part.

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