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Easy Grout Cleaner (and Swiffer Hack) for Under $8

If you’ve read my other posts, you know by now I’m into DIY green cleaners: easy to make using household ingredients. I’m sure you’ll also notice I like to reuse and upcycle. Why purchase a new swiffer when I can turn the old into new? With that in mind, I decided to tackle a long due bathroom project: A DIY Tile & Grout Green cleaner to make my floors shine again! Read on to learn how to make yours.
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Shining Floors & Clean Grout Make me Happy!
Ya’ll know how hard to clean grout is, right? Add the fact that we have stone tiles – light marble, to be specific – far more delicate than regular tiles. My first challenge was to come up with a green cleaner, gentle enough not to damage the stone but effective to get the dirt out of the off-white grout. In other words, vinegar (one of my favorite all-time cleaners) was a no-no.

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