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Easy Fruity Pebbles Cake

I’ve had this Fruity Pebbles cake on my mind since trying the Fruity Pebbles macaron ice cream sandwich from Perfect Scoop in Las Vegas last month. I was obsessed with how well they incorporated the cereal flavor into the cookie and the ice cream without just throwing in pieces of the cereal. The flavor was a part of every bite and that’s exactly what I wanted for this cake.

In my first round, I used ground up cereal in place of some of the flour in the cake. It created a great flavor to the cake, but the texture was all wrong! It was too dense and fell apart really easily. I was disappointed, of course, but kept going. As I thought about how to get the Fruity Pebbles flavor into the cake, I remembered that Milk Bar has something they call “Cereal Milk.” Milk Bar creator, Christina Tosi, originally came up with this idea for a cereal panna cotta. Cereal Milk is made by soaking cereal in milk for about 20 minutes and then strain the milk. The milk remains smooth but there’s now a fabulous cereal flavor to it.

That’s exactly what I needed for this cake and it worked beautifully. With the Fruity Pebbles milk, you get a great Fruity Pebbles flavor in the cake (not too strong) and still have a fluffy, moist cake.

While I was thinking about Milk Bar, I also decided to use their cereal crunch element for this cake to add some texture to the layers. The cake is certainly a sweet one, so the added kosher salt in the crunch provides a bit of a balance.

And not one to stop there, I also wanted the filling to be flavored with Fruity Pebbles, so I ground up some more cereal and added it to my vanilla frosting. I love how it adds just one more touch of the cereal flavor and is a slightly different texture than the frosting itself. It does thicken slightly with the cereal crumbs in it.

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