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Easy DIY Hummingbird Fountain

I wanted an easy fountain for my hummingbirds to use but I did not want to have to run electricity to the area. I bought a solar fountain and created this. The hummingbirds LOVE it!

Click over to the blog post to see it in action, I videoed a Hummingbird coming to shower in the fountain.

easy diy hummingbird fountain

I bought a solar powered fountain from Amazon, no electricity is needed and I wanted a gentle fountain so this is perfect. (I have tried a few and the one linked in my blog post works the best so far)

The rest of the items are things I already had. A standard pot you get when you purchase larger size plants at the nursery, a terra cotta pot tray and some stones. Not shown is a large galvanized tub, mine is vintage but you can buy them new at a feed supply.

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