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Easy DIY Blanket Ladder

I was so sick of finding throw blankets everywhere, piles on the floor, draped over chairs, stuffed behind pillows, so I made a quick, easy blanket ladder to contain the mess. Hopefully the kids will now put them where they belong. Oh, and it looks pretty as well!

easy diy blanket ladder

I used simple 1 x 2 pine from the hardware store and figured out how high I wanted my blanket ladder and how many rungs I needed. Mine ended up being 180 cm high and the rungs were 47cm long. I used my mitre saw to cut these.

So that the 180cm high boards sit flat on the floor and wall even though they were on an angle, I laid the boards to the angle I wanted them to be when finished on my wall. I then put a thin piece of board (I couldn’t find a ruler!) against the foot of the ladder. I marked along the edge that is against the ladder. This gave me a line that is parallel to the floor at the exact place I needed to cut. I also did this to the top of the ladder that will lean against the wall. It’s the same process, except you’ll have your ruler against the wall instead of the floor. The photos give a better idea of how this is done. I used my mitre saw to cut this.

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