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Don Draper’s Holiday Eggnog Superior

We’ve all had our fair share of store-bought eggnog, the stuff from the cartons, but oh my gosh, if you’ve never made eggnog from scratch before, you simply must! It tastes about a billion times better than what the refrigerator aisle can offer, plus, if you’re serving a group of adults, you can really punch things up by adding in an assorted of liquors for added flavor. Trust us, this family recipe is highly sought after – and for good reason!
This is our family’s Eggnog Superior recipes, straight from Don Draper era, the ’50s…meaning: it’s full of booze. If alcoholic beverages aren’t your thing, that’s totally okay, but this eggnog recipe is definitely not for the under 21-ers. This is an eggnog that is a relic of the Three Martini Lunch age – it will 100% get the party started and will keep it going into the wee hours.

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