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Dollar Store Backsplash

If you’re a regular Dollar Store shopper (and aren’t most DIYers?), you know about those little “gems” in the floral aisle. They’re purpose is to hold your flower stems straight in a vase but there’s so much more you can do with them.

dollar store backsplash

Like make a backsplash!
There are two different kinds of gems – one with a flat back and one that looks like a marble. I used the one with a flat back.
The area I wanted to cover was 24”x10” so three bags would be enough.

dollar store backsplash

This is our basement bathroom. It’s right inside a door to the outside, where our pool is located. It gets used pretty hard in the summer (obviously) and the wall behind the sink gets pretty gross with all the handwashing. There is a little backsplash that is attached to the vanity but…

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