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Christmas Reindeer Chow

Christmas reindeer chow is what you’d get if you combined muddy buddies and Christmas Chex mix and added in some crunchy salty pretzels and mini peanut butter cups for extra yum!

Call it Christmas reindeer chow or Christmas muddies buddies if you’d like, but whatever you call it, it all amounts to the same thing…the best holiday snack around!

This addicting snack mix is a festive treat you can’t help but eat by the handful! It’s as addicting as Christmas crack or Saltine Cracker Toffee and utterly delicious.

It’s easy to make in just 15 minutes using the microwave to melt the chocolate, so it’s something the kids can do themselves! You can make a big bowl of it to serve a crowd or to snuggle up and watch Christmas movies.

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