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This project made me nervous through the whole thing. It was easy and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I got about 1 1/2 yards of fabric, I got duck fabric*, I went into this blindly I didn’t measure my window before I got the fabric luckily it worked out and I had some to spare. I do recommend measure before hand. Go to Wal-mart get a cheap blind that fits your window section, mine was a 29 inch one (I wanted to fit it on the inside and it still was off about an inch).

Now this part made me nervous you have to cut this blind and completely rip it apart. Do NOT cut the pull cord (it’s thicker and in middle) you cut the ladder cord (that holds the blind slats in place). The blind I purchased had 3 sections of the ladder cord for me to cut.

Once that is done you will see on the bottom where the cord is being held in place and there is a round plug over it, gently pull/wiggle it out (it is fairly easy to remove). Once that is done you need to measure the length of your window, I added about an inch or two on mine, you cut the cord from the bottom there is a small knot on the end of it.

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