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DIY Concrete Jack O’Lanterns

DIY concrete jack o’lanterns are so fun and easy to make! Use them as Halloween planters, candle holders, or vases for Fall florals. They’re a wonderful way to decorate for Halloween and celebrate the season.

diy concrete jack o lanterns

My Love For Concrete DIYs Continues

More like my obsession with concrete DIYs continues! Y’all may remember how much I loved making DIY concrete bowls in the summertime. Then, last Fall I was a DIY concrete pumpkin making machine. So, when images of concrete jack o’lanterns kept popping up on my Pinterest feed, I couldn’t help but think it was a sign. A sign from the concrete gods that they wanted me to try my hand at a new concrete project and you do not want to upset the concrete gods. So off to Walmart and Home Depot, I went.

What You Need to Make DIY Concrete Jack O’Lanterns


  • Plastic Jack O’Lantern trick-or-treat pails (I got mine from Walmart in two different sizes.)
  • Fast-setting concrete mix
  • Sifter (Helpful to remove large pieces of gravel in the concrete. I used a plastic colander I found at Walmart for under $1.)
  • Water
  • Large bucket
  • Gloves (Recommended. Wet cement has a very high alkaline (high ph), so gloves are recommended to prevent the possibility of chemical burns.)
  • Cooking spray (I used Pam.)
  • Plastic cups (Sizing varies depending on the use of the concrete jack o’lantern.)
  • Rocks
  • Duct or painter’s tape
  • Mask for nose and mouth (Recommended.)

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