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DIY Built-in Media Console

Our living room has a high ceiling. I mean really high. It’s the kind of ceiling that requires scaffolding to access. I once caught a guy BASE jumping from one of the ceiling fans. I have no idea how he got up there, but the funny thing is, his parachute had enough time to open before he landed gracefully on the area rug in the center of the room. There are spiders living up there that have built small cities, and I’m pretty sure they’ve been trying to communicate with me. Yep, our living room has a really high ceiling.
Besides intelligent spiders and rogue BASE jumpers, the one problem with a ceiling so high is that it requires a lot of wall to cover the space between it and the floor. This creates an ocean of wall space, a vast Sargasso Sea of drywall that confounds and confuses the senses. I once got lost crossing the room while looking at the wall.
Until recently, we had our TV housed in a black IKEA media console. It was a pretty large unit, but it looked like a tadpole in a swimming pool up against that endless wall. Furthermore, the console didn’t offer much in the way of storage. There were a few open-air cubbyholes, but nothing for proper storage.

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