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Dining Room Built in Bench With Storage

Adding more seating in our dining room was a must. I love having parties and get-togethers, but chairs are really expensive. I did buy 8 dining chairs for our table (at $100 a pop was a bit of a shock for this budget shopper), but when we have people over, we need more than 8 chairs. This beautiful built in bench was a perfect solution.

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Our bench sits on the wall away from the table and acts as a sofa most of the time. A place to sit with your coffee in the morning, a comfy seat to put on your shoes, and a place to sit while chatting with the chef. But when we need to extend our table for big gatherings (like the upcoming Thanksgiving we will be hosting), we can use it as additional seating for the table. The best part is, I was able to build it mostly from scraps from my garage. But if you don’t have a hoarders worth of scraps in your garage, you can still build this 8′ bench for about the cost of 1 chair!

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