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Dig Into This Dutch Apple Pie Loaf With Both Hands!

I am a huge apple pie lover.  Anything incorporating apples, I want.  I love to eat apples on their own, with just a dash of cinnamon (maybe adding some sugar) or going full out and enjoying them in a dessert.  Most times, I have made a Dutch apple pie since that is the recipe my mom always made and she passed down to me.  I absolutely loved it and it was always a hit around here.  Now, it turns out, my grandkids are just like me and they love apple pie, too!

The only problem is, their momma does not like to give them a slice of pie for breakfast, so being the great granny that I am, I decided to make them something they could have for breakfast. I was contemplating making mini pies, but then I realized that would be the same thing.

My daughter would not give her kids that for breakfast.  I realized muffins were likely not a great idea either, but then I realized, my daughter gives them a slice of cinnamon raisin bread for breakfast every day so I realized if I made this into bread form, we may get this apple pie problem solved.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Butter with a Side of Bread and Recipe Lion.