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Dig Into This Double-Crust Apple Pie With A Pitchfork! – It’s Thick, Chunky, And Delicious

Apple pies are classic favorites, aren’t they? Whenever someone brings a pie to a potluck or to a gathering, you can almost be sure that it’s apple pie. The reason is not just because it’s the most common pie to make, but because it really is a safe bet when it came to gatherings. As a participant, you wouldn’t have an idea about everyone’s favorites so you just have to settle for a classic. Apple pie is a classic and everyone just eats it! During the last potluck I attended, there must be about three apple pies in there. To be polite since I was close to all three who made it, I ate a piece of each. Among the three, one stood out.

When I sliced this particular pie, the apples didn’t fall off. The apple pie was pretty intact and it’s so easy to take a forkful. And it really tastes so great too!

The crust has the right texture and the apples were crunchy and at the same time soft. It really tasted so great with the homemade ice cream one had brought. I couldn’t forget that pie so I made one at home the next day.

It turns out my husband has been craving for an apple pie for so long! Among the four of us, we finished the entire pie in three meals.

I got my apple pie recipe from Recipe Girl. I have my Mom’s recipe with me that I always use, but hers require more effort than what I could give at that moment. This pie recipe is not bad either. In fact, it’s one of the best pie recipes I have tried getting my hands into. You wouldn’t be able to say no to this amazing pie recipe. None of your family or your friends will because this is one marvelous pie that’s ready to conquer your senses! I really need to make two of these pies so that I’ll have a chance at scoring some leftovers

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