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Crunchwrap Supreme

Taco Bell hit the nail right on the head when it launched its now-legendary Crunchwrap in 2006. Their ingenious idea was to combine three concepts into one handheld wrap: cheese sauce from nachos, pretty much every yummy part from a crispy ground beef taco, and a soft flour tortilla to wrap it all up. The whole thing is then griddled like a quesadilla.

Here’s how to make one at home — and I’m not afraid to say it’s even better than the one you’d pick up at the drive-through.

Crunchwrap Cheesy Beef
Let’s start with the beef filling: All you need is lean ground beef and some taco seasoning. I find that Taco Bell’s Crunchwraps don’t have enough beef in them, so pick up a full pound to make sure there’s beef in every bite. Brown up the beef, cook it with the taco seasoning and some water, and you’re good to go. That being said, feel free to sub in ground turkey or chicken instead, or even some soyrizo if you’re vegetarian (but skip the taco seasoning if you’re using soyrizo, which is already seasoned).

Next comes the nacho cheese sauce. You can make your own nacho cheese or queso dip, or pick up a jar at the store. But instead of just drizzling it in the crunchwraps, stir it right into the pan with the cooked beef. The cheese acts like a glue so that it’s easier to scoop the beef for assembly, and it ensures that every bite of beef has cheesy sauce on it.

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