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Crock Pot Po’ Boys (or Italian Beef) Sandwiches

Italian Beef is a popular food in these parts. Great on football Sundays.
I’m going to make this tomorrow. It looks so yummy. I plan to put the roast in crockpot before bedtime. When I wake up, it will be ready to eat. I need a good, healthy sandwich to eat at work. I’ll put some in the freezer for later. Many thanks for the great recipe! My mouth waters just looking at it.
-Wait…..what? Did you get offended? I stated a fact. The picture for the recipe IS sliced. The recipe is for shredded beef. So, yes, the picture is misleading. I was curious about what method the recipe used to slicing. Prior to cooking or after cooking but due to the picture I was misled. If a simple fact offends you perhaps you shouldnt post recipes for the world to see and comment on.
-This is the best recipe for PO BOYS! My family and I think it’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!
-This recipe was fabulous!! I changed it up a bit by browning the beef first in a little olive oil, giving it a good sear. Then sautéed the onions and seasonings in the roast drippings. After that I put it all in the crockpot. The house smelled so good. The recipe does not give the size of jar for pepperoncini peppers so I just used half the peppers and half the juice of a 16 oz jar. It was perfect amount of spice

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