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Crisp And Cool South-Of-The-Border Chicken Salad

The temperatures were starting to warm up… finally. It seemed like we had just went through the longest winter of my life. It started snowing in October and I don’t think it completely melted until the start of May. Now we were into June, and it was nearly impossible to even remember those frigid days. My husband couldn’t wait to turn on the air conditioner, but I wanted to enjoy the heat for just a while longer. Part of that meant, definitely not turning on the oven. That would have been too much for either of us to handle as far as temperature inside went.

Instead of giving up and turning on the air conditioner, I will make salads. There is no reason to crank of the oven, and we still get a nice hearty meal to fill us up at the end of the day. The only part that needs to be cooked is the chicken, and that can be done in just a few hours in the slow cooker.

This chicken tortilla salad was a nice spin on the normal chicken salads that we had. There was just enough spice and zest to make it interesting again. I got to make it through a few more weeks without cranking on the AC just because of this yummy recipe from Group Recipes.

It’s just me and the hubby at home now, as all the kids are grown up and out of the house, so this is the perfect recipe for the two of us. We can almost polish the entire thing off ourselves, depending on the size of the heads of lettuce we use. In the event there are any leftovers, they can be kept in the fridge for just about a day. I wouldn’t keep them any longer than that though because they will probably get soggy. I like the dressing that is provided here, but if I don’t have time to make it, any dressing will do.

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