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Creamy Lime Bars

Refreshing dessert anytime!
I also drizzled an icing of powdered sugar & lime juice over the top. It made it a good bit more tangy that way too. Well worth that blue ribbon!! 😉
-First of all, baking on waxed paper is not my thing, I just used Pam. Secondly, three eggs is waaaaay to much egg-y taste for me: mine turned out the consistency of cheese cake and there was nothing creamy about it. A teaspoon of orange juice is hardly worth the effort and a tablespoon of lime zest is too noticeable in the filling. I was not impressed with this recipe and will not make it again. 🙁
-Please excuse me if I’ve missed it, reading recipe on my phone, but does it state what size of pan to use? If not, then what size? Looks sooooo yummy! I want to make them tonight.
-Being one to follow directions precisely, I used the wax paper. Big mistake! Crust sticks to paper! Ugh. Other than that they were very good! Just troublesome to serve and eat.

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