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Creamed Spinach And Potato Casserole

Creamed spinach is a luxuriously decadent way to eat your leafy greens. Typically this is a side dish that we associate with the holidays, but there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy this year round. By adding potatoes and a ton of cheese, we can turn this into a hearty side dish that is perfect for a dinner party or a weeknight dinner. Besides, is there a better way to eat your vegetables other than with a cream sauce and three different kinds of cheese? I think not.
There are several different ways to make a creamed spinach. For this particular recipe, we’re going with a creamy sour cream and mayonnaise sauce that’s made even richer by adding eggs and a combination of parmesan and romano cheese. The cheeses are on the salty side, so to add more depth we really like to add spice with a teaspoon or two of cayenne pepper that will put a little pep into the step of the creamed spinach. Slices of potatoes layered along the bottom of the dish add a wonderful texture and of course make the casserole even heartier. A generous helping of mozzarella cheese goes over the top and then into the oven our creamed spinach and potatoes go.
What comes out of the oven is something truly amazing. A serving of this rich and creamy creamed spinach and potato casserole will undoubtedly lead to seconds or thirds if there’s any left behind. Even our most skeptical spinach critics will likely find themselves won over by this recipe. A creamed spinach and potato casserole is a perfect side dish to steak or chicken and has just enough rustic elegance to make it feel a little fancy and decadent. Tuck this recipe away in your recipe box for a special occasion or for a weeknight when you’ve got a little extra time to put something special on the table.

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