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Cranberry Cream Torte

Received this recipe from my best friend whom I have known since grammer school ! Her mom used to make this torte ! Easy and good. Thank you kitchen crew for the photo! I have posted a picture of my girlfriend’s mom ~ 96yrs old, were the original recipe came from. She is now 100 years old and had a huge B’day party for her !!!
-We love Love LOVE this recipe! This recipe has become a tradition for every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Of all the desserts I make, this one disappears the quickest. It is so easy to make, and a creative use of cranberries.
Did I mention we love this recipe? Lol
-If you like cranberries, you will LOVE this recipe. So easy to prepare. I used fresh cranberries and in my opinion is best served warm with whipped topping!
-You really need one more 5-star review for this torte, Carol, so here it is: I served this beautiful torte to the Sapello Women’s Art League today. Now, normally, they each have a little of the treat I provide and then take a little home to their other halves for dessert. I provided an adequate amount for them to do so today, but have just been notified that they totally cleaned it out – There was none left to take home. On the other hand, Tuesday next will be our first “do” of the season, and I was advised that I will bring more of this, made exactly the same way, to the get-together. Every one of them rated this a 5-star treat! Thanks so much for this super recipe, Carol, and I can’t imagine a more blue ribbon-worthy recipe!

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