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Country-Style Pie Pretty As A Peach

What’s your favorite fruit? If you had asked me the question a couple of years ago, I would have said apples are MY FAVORITE. Not because I enjoy eating apples but because I am crazy about apple pie! But then, on a beautifully sunny summer day, I happened to visit a friend of mine who has peach trees in her garden. She had made this unbelievable, mouthwatering peach pie and it changed my life forever.

No matter how many apple pie recipes I tried after that, they just couldn’t compete with the pie my friend served me. I was sure it was some kind of a secret family recipe so I didn’t expect her to share it with me – but she surprised me by telling me she had found it over at A Cook At Heart.

And what a recipe it is! The life-changing twist is to roast the peaches before adding them to the pie, along with beautifully creamy custard. The aromas alone are enough to make you shed a happy tear!

Since then I have made this pie several times – and I actually even made an apple pie using the same recipe. It turned out so darn delicious that I nearly fainted when I had my first bite!

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