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Come Back Crackers

This isn’t the first time we’ve taken a basic cracker and baked it into something that’s positively addicting. There’ve been Alabama Fire Crackers and Old Bay Baked Oyster Crackers, too, but these ones are aptly named because they have everyone coming back for more after just one bite. Our Come Back Crackers are irresistibly crispy but with a cheesy ranch zest that’s honestly pretty hard to quit. They’re good, real good, and they’ll get a ton of attention wherever you happen to bring them.

You might be thinking, a Ritz cracker is plenty good on its own and I don’t disagree in the slightest. But it turns out that baking them makes them even better. See, they get even crispier and it seems to bring out their buttery flavor even more too. And if you go ahead and pair them with a couple of simple seasonings, it transforms them into a complete package of a crave-worthy snack rather than something you might just pair with a slice of cheese.

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