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Coffee Table Made From Leftover Fence Boards

I am a DIY addict!!! There, I said it!!! The only problem I can find with that statement though, is that I’m always craving change in my decor and always looking for the ‘better piece’ of furniture I could make.
With that said, I have had 3 formal living room coffee tables in our new house and we’ve only been here one year. I couldn’t seem to find the right fit.
coffee table made from leftover fence boards, fences, painted furniture
But then I got an idea from Pinterest (of course) I saw what looked like an old reclaimed wood coffee table in a picture about Sherwin Williams paint. So of course there was no info on the piece. But, as I always do, I thought “I could totally make that!!!”
It had gorgeous bun feet and huge black nail heads. So I looked online until I found some nailheads at DIYUpholstrysupply. I ordered them right away!!!

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