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Coconut Oil Hacks

Coconut Oil is huge right now, and a lot of people are trying it for cooking. I have some other ways I use it in my home that I’d like to share with you…

coconut oil hacks

Loosen tough scissors and tools


If your scissors get sticky residue in them and they are having a hard time opening and closing or sticking closed, rub a little coconut oil on the scissors, wipe up the excess, and start wiggling them – they’ll free right up. This works great on tools as well – pliers, garden shears, etc.

Stop stains on plastic storage containers


Rub coconut oil onto the plastic before putting items like spaghetti sauce that stain plastics.

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Remove sticky label residue, glue, tape


Rub coconut oil on and use a scraper to scrub it right off of bottles. Works great to remove tape residue as well.

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