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Cluck For Creamy Chicken Casserole!

My Grandma and Grandpa lived out on the old family farm. When my mom got married to my dad, they moved away to the city to work on their careers, and that’s where we were raised. Granted, I loved my house and friends there, it always seemed like I should have been living somewhere else. My parents would often take us to the farm for vacations and long weekends. I just loved it there. Not only did I love the time with my grandparents, but I also loved the fresh air, animals, seeing the stars at night, and all the other amazing perks that go with living away from the busy city life that I was so accustomed to.

My grandma always did the best cooking. I think because of the slower, laid back atmosphere, she didn’t have to rush through her meals or order takeout, like we did all too often.

One of my favorite dishes that she made was just like this one from Normal Cooking. The creamy chicken casserole came out of her oven and I could have eaten the whole thing myself! I had to share… but I didn’t want to!

After I grew up and got married, I did the opposite of my parents and moved back into the countryside. Thank goodness the man I feel in love with was on the same page as me and wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. We bought a huge farmhouse in the same area that my grandparents lived, and I stayed home with the kids. I would frequently go down to their house and work with my Grandma in the kitchen. I tried to pick up as many recipes as I could from her, but to this day, this one is still my favorite!

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