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Christmas Eve Shortcut Cinnamon Buns

added by Melinda Stern
i got this recipie from “the dinner diva”. one word: AMAZING!!!
Ok, let’s see, I always use frozen ROLLS, like Rhode’s or something along those lines. I’m at a very high altitude here in NM, so the rolls do over-rise for me as well. But i just punch them down and bake away. It’s never given me too many problems.
As far as using bread-maker dough, I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work, but I would make sure they were frozen before starting the recipe. I would totally try raisins if your family likes them. It would make them even sweeter, so if you really like sweet stuff it might be great.
-Can I make a bread dough in my bread maker, freeze it as rolls and use those? Could I make the dough into a cinnamon raisin dough? Like, Jeanne Morinville, I have had problems with dough over-rising at room temperature. What to do?
made this for our Christmas breakfast and loved it!!! I’ve made monkey bread using biscuits but this was much better than using biscuits

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