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Chocolate Pudding and Cheese Cake

We often see layer cakes whose layers have different flavors served at special occasions like birthdays and weddings. Layer cakes are considered a labor of love because it takes effort to create all those fanciful layers.

Or does it? There are actually some layer cake recipes that are pretty easy to work on and assemble and are just as special. Take as an example this chocolate pudding and cheese cake. It’s got a chocolate sponge cake layer, a cheese layer, and a pudding layer. It does take time to make this cake, but it’s a lot simpler than it looks.
What makes this chocolate pudding and cheese cake so easy? For one, the chocolate cake layer is just boxed cake mix. The cheese layer is made of ricotta cheese, eggs, vanilla and sugar, while the pudding layer is simply instant chocolate pudding mixed with milk and folded into Cool Whip. The chocolate and cheese layers are baked together, and the pudding layer is added after the baking.

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