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Chicken On The Grill… Just Like Dad Used To Make


1 medium chicken

1 stick Land O’ Lakes butter, unsalted

1/2 c margarine

1/2 c lea & perrin’s worcestershire sauce

1/2 c a-1 sauce

1/2 tsp McCormick’s garlic powder

1 clove fresh garlic,smashed

1 large chipotle pepper


Wash & pat dry your chicken,cut into pieces & set aside.

In a small sauce pan melt together 1 stick of butter & 1/2 cup of margarine,add 1/2 cup of Worcestershire sauce,1/2 cup A-1 sauce,1/2 Tea.Garlic powder,1 smashed clove fresh garlic & 1 chipotle pepper to the butter mixture.

Bring this mixture to a boil & quickly reduce to a simmer for about 15 minutes until the sauce slightly thicken’s.

Set your grill to a medium heat.

Put the chicken pieces on the grill skin side up. Baste the chicken with the sauce from beginning to end of cooking time, rotating & flipping chicken pieces every few beer’s you drink. Be safe, Eat well, Have fun !!!!!!!

Source :  allrecipes.com