My husband has a thing with pasta.
At first, every time I would make spaghetti, he would stay away from it. I could not, for the life of me, figure out why. I would make it with chicken or meatballs or even pulled pork but he would not eat it. I asked why but he always avoided it. He would just always pull off the meat and enjoy that while leaving the spaghetti right where he found it.
Well, fast forward a few months and I was having a talk about it with his dad. He mentioned in passing that he loved pasta. And I told him I couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t eat mine. Well, it turns out he actually just hates spaghetti. And any other difficult to eat pasta for that matter. His favorite type to eat is penne. I had no idea whatsoever. I mean, it hadn’t even occurred to me. Well, now I make penne all the time, like this dish, and he devours it, pasta and all. It was a great thing to learn from his dad and now he even asks for pasta. But I don’t even buy spaghetti anymore. Penne is the way to go in our home!

My husband loves this dish every single time I make it. There are hardly leftovers and honestly, it’s kind of annoying when there is any leftover because he picks all the bacon out. It’s just that good smothered with the sauce. My husband is going to be thrilled to find out that the best pasta for this dish is penne. It’s absolutely true, too. It holds up best compared to the rest.

Will you be making this yummy recipe with me, tonight?

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